Lyon Transition Connections
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Sacramento, CA 95864
Phone: 916-978-4206

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Lyon Transition Connections
A division of Lyon Real Estate

Welcome to Sacramento!

As part of Lyon Real Estate's relocation portfolio, Lyon Transition Connections is a fee-based service, providing you

with rental, orientation, and "get acquainted" information. Lyon Transition Connections is your first step for

exceptional relocation services.

Lyon Transition Connections offers the following area-introductory services:

If you decide to rent or buy a home, we can also help you with:

Lyon Transition Connections assists you every step of the way, making it the best move of your life. Please click on one                                      of the links above to learn more, or call us today at (916) 978-4206 and let us know what we can do for you.


DISCLAIMER: While Lyon Transition Connections has exercised the utmost care in the selection of team members and in the preparation of this information, it is important to understand that the staff members of Lyon Transition Connections are not attorneys, tax accountants or financial planners. We are, however, familiar with local practices and can answer many of your questions. Under special circumstances, we may advise you to retain legal advice. Also, while our discussion of financial matters is sound in principle, we cannot guarantee total mathematical accuracy in our examples compared to an actual situation. Retaining a tax accountant and/or financial planner may be advisable in certain situations.